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  • 300 to 4500rpm in 100 rpm steps
  • rcf up to 2490 x g in 100g steps
  • Rotor capacity (rotor included with centrifuge)
    • 12 x 3ml to 10ml blood/Vacutainer tubes
    • 8 x 15ml centrifuge tubes
  • Max 10ml tube length to 100mm
  • Digital timer 30 sec to 99 min or continuous run (hold)
  • Cold room safe down to 2˚C
  • Includes 18 rotor sleeves and 18 plugs for smaller tubes
  • Electrical: 110V-240, 50/60Hz, 3A
  • 2-year warranty with long-life brushless motor
  • Centrifuge supports classic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) applications (fixed angle rotor spinning)

Centrifuge comes with 18 rotor sleeves and 18 plugs for holding smaller tubes.