Standard Warranty Policy
Southwest Science, unless otherwise stated, warranties the equipment it sells for 2 years* from the
date of product shipment.  This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. It does not
cover product damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the product.  

Under this warranty, Southwest Science will repair or replace, at it's sole discretion, any product
found to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the original product
ship date.

The customer shall be responsible for returning the defective product, without additional ship
damage, to Southwest Science by obtaining a Return Authorization from Southwest Science.  
Southwest Science shall evaluate the product and repair the defect or replace the product at it's
sole discretion. Southwest Science will then pay for the shipping to return the product to the

Southwest Science reserves the right to charge the customer for any shipping damage resulting
from the customers failure to package the unit properly when sent to Southwest Science.   
Southwest Science may also seek payment for any cosmetic defects or non-erasable writing on
product housings that need to be replaced.

The Southwest Science warranty
specifically excludes, and Southwest Science assumes no
liability for
, any incidental or consequential damages, or any specimen loss, resulting from use
(improper or otherwise) of a product sold by Southwest Science.

To Make a Warranty Claim:
Email or call us with the product name or model number and serial number and a description of
the problem. If you email, you will be contacted in 1 business day.  You will be provided with
instructions for product packaging and return.
Do not ship your product to Southwest Science
without first contacting us and getting a Return Authorization
as we can not track the product
and you will not receive credit for the return.  Thank you.

Warranty Policy Exclusions
The following items are considered by Southwest Science to be maintenance items and are
excluded from coverage under Southwest Science's Warranty Policy: Lamps and light bulbs,
Fuses, Thermometers, Rubber / plastic mats

* Some mini-centrifuges and tube rotators have only a 1 year warranty. Those few products with
only a 1 year warrant have that warranty clearly stated on the product's web page, and in the
operator's manual.
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