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Southwest STR100 Tiltable Tube Rotator
- variable speed  from 0 to 80 rpm
- tube carousel tilt angle adjustable from 50 to 90 degrees
- holds 0.5ml to 50ml centrifuge tubes and most blood and
vacutainer tubes
- comes with 36 clips for 0.5ml,1.5ml and 2.0ml tubes; 12 clips
for   5ml and 15ml tubes and 12 clips for 50ml tubes
- cold room (4C) and incubator (60C) safe
- 2 year warranty
- additional tube clips available  (max tube capacity shown below)
Price:   $397.00
Maximum Tube Capacities:
48 x 0.5ml or 1.5ml or 2.0ml tubes        32 x 5ml tubes            16 x 15 ml tubes
16 x large vacutainer tubes                   10 x 50ml tubes           tube sizes can be mixed
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