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Southwest STL100 Rock & Roll Lab Tube Roller
- variable speed  from 0 to 70 rpm
- simultaneous gentle rocking and rolling motion
- holds all vacutainer tubes and most specimen
   and centrifuge tubes up to 50ml
- larger vessels up to about 200mm can also be rolled
- incubator (60C) and cold room (4C) safe
- 2 year warranty
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Product Specifications

Rotation Speed:    0 to 70 rpm
Operating range:   4C to 60C
Diims (wxdxh):    10 in x 19 in x 4.2 in
Weight:                      10.0 lb
Electrical       100 to 240V AC, 25 watts
Warranty                   2 years
No. of rollers:                6
Minimum tube diameter:  5mm   .19 in
Maximum tube diameter:    34 mm*
* for adjacent placement.  Larger
diameter vessels up to 200mm can be
paced on the  STL100 but not on
adjacent roller gaps
Southwest's STL100 Rock and Roll Tube Roller

Southwest's Rock and Roll Lab tube roller is a quiet, easy to
use, tube roller capable of rolling vacutainer and blood tubes
from 2.7 ml to 10 ml in size as well as 15 ml and 50 ml centrifuge
tubes.  The STL100 can rock and roll any tubes with diameters
from 5mm to 34 mm in diameter with adjacent tube placement.  
Lager diameter tubes and vessels can also be rolled but can
not be placed adjacent to one another.  The rock and roll tube
roller uses 6 rollers, each mounted off-center so that tubes are
both rocked up and down and rolled simultaneously for excellent
sample movement in the tubes.  Southwest's Rock and Roll
Lab Tube Roller can be used in cold rooms down to 4C and in
incubators up to 60C
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