SCARD12 AArdvark(TM) HighSpeed(TM) Personal
- speed up to 15,000 rpm and RCF up to 15,100 x g
- includes 12-place aluminum rotor and cover for 1.5/2.0ml tubes
- only 13.3" wide x 13" deep x 6.0" high  (11" high lid open)    weight 11.7 lbs
- long life brushless motor -  2-year warranty on centrifuge
- adapters available for 0.5ml and 0.2ml tubes
- quick starting and stopping and only low noise level (only 56 dba)

  See Comparison below to Eppendorf Mini Spin Plus
                     costing over $1000 more !!!
12 adapters for 0.5ml tubes
                        Compare* Southwest's AArdvark to the Eppendorf Mini Spin Plus

                                                   AArdvark                                 Mini Spin Plus
Speed                                           500 to 15,000 rpm                          800 to 14,500 rpm
max g-force (RCF)                              15,100 x g                                   only 14,500 x g
12-plce aluminum rotor                            yes                                                   yes
Digital Controls                                        yes                                                   yes
Digital Timer                                            yes                                                   yes
Price                                                    only $ 649                
Eppendorf list Price* over $1000 more!!   
*  Comparison based on Eppendorf 's U.S. website specs and pricing as of Feb 2017
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SCARD12  Price:    $649
Price:   $28.00
12 adapters for 0.2ml tubes
Price:   $28.00