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Southwest SC20-PLATE Centriguge
- quickly spins down droplets in PCR plates
- holds 2 plates  (4 skirted plates when stacked)
- unique swing-out rotor design prevents spillage
- simple to use; just insert plates and close the lid
- 2 year warranty
Price:   $549.00
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          Product Specifications
SC20-PLATE Microplate Centrifuge

2550 rpm

RCF            600 x g

Capacity    2 x PCR plates
           4 skirted PCR plates when stacked
           2 microplates
           2 deep well plates with
                     optional SC20-DWR rotor
           96 x 0.2ml tubes or 24 x 8 PCR strips with
                 optional SC20-A02 adapter plates

Dimensions (wxdxh)     9.2in x 10.2in x 7.8in

Weight                                     9 lb

Electrical                 115V AC, 60hz, 1.2A

Warranty                                   2 years
              Southwest Science's SC20-PLATE
                   Microplate Centrifuge

Southwest's SC20-PLATE Microplate Centrifuge is a compact
plate centrifuge ideal for spin downs of PCR plates.  The
unique swing out rotor moves all reactants to the bottom of the
well to help insure proper concentrations thus improving yields.

The SC20-PLATE Centrifuge plate carriers start at a 75 degree
plate angle allowing the
easy insertion of plates with or
without sealing tape or caps.
 Closing the lid starts the
centrifuge and as the centrifuge accelerates, the plate carriers
swing back allowing the plate wells to achieve a full horizontal
position automatically forcing any droplets on the well side walls
to the bottom of the well.  Opening the lid slows the centrifuge
bringing the plate carriers back to their 75 degree position for
easy plate removal without spills.

Southwest's SC20-PLATE centrifuge is compact in size and
quiet in operation. It can accept 2 standard PCR plates or 2
microplates or 4 skirted PCR plates if stacked 2 on each plate
carrier.. The SC20-PLSATE centrifuge also has an optional
rotor for deep well plates and optional adapter plates for 0.2ml
and PCR tube strips.  
Accessories for the SC20-PLATE Centrifuges
SC20-DWR deep well plate rotor
Holds 2 plates up to 35mm (1.38 in) tall.  Plate holders
swing out as speed increase so plates become vertical.
Max rotating speed is 1500 rpm.
Price:   $149.00
Price:   $49.00
pkg. of 2
SC20-A02 adapter plates
Holds up to 96 x 0.2ml tubes or 12 x 8 PCR strips or a
combination of both.  Two adapter plates in a package
for a total capacity of 192 tubes or 24 PCR strips.
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