Southwest Science SC1024 and SC1024R HighSpeed(TM) Micro Centrifuges
Speed: 200 to 15,000 rpm
in 10 rpm increments
RCF:  to 21,380 x g
in 10 x g steps
Timer: 30 99 min.
or continuous operation
Rotor: 24-place, solid
aluminum with bioseal
cover. Holds 24
x1.5/2.0ml tubes. Inserts
for 0.5ml & 0.2ml tubes
available. Rotors for 36
x.0.5ml tubes and 4 x
PCR strip tubes also
Rotor autoclavable:
at 121C for 20 minutes
Cold Room Safe to 2C
Noise Level:
< 58 dBa
Dimensions:  SC1024
11"w x 14.3"d x 10.5"h
Weight:SC1024  26.4 lbs
Power: SC1024
115V/60Hz 5A
Warranty: 2-years
Temp. Range SC1024R
cools to -16C
holds <4C at max speed
Pre-Cool automatically
cools chamber to in 7
minutes or less.
Refrigerant HFC134a
Dimensions:  SC1024R
13.3"w x 22.8"d x 12.7"h
Weight:SC1024R  66 lbs
Power: SC1024R
115V/60Hz 10A
Warranty: 2-years
model SC1012-A5                                    $28
adapters (12) for 0.5ml tubes
model SC1012-A2                                    $28
adapters (12) for 0.2ml tubes
Southwest's SC1024 HighSpeed(TM) micro centrifuges come with a 24-place x 1.5/2.0ml tube
aluminum rotor with bio-cover and are comparable to the best in the industry. They are quiet in
operation, provide minimum sample heat up at max speed and have Stainless Steel chambers.  The
SC1024 series of centrifuges also have a
Q-SPIN button quick sample spin-downs. The SC1024-R
refrigerated model can cool samples down to -16C and will hold samples at 4C even at max speed.
Built with brushless motors and digital controls, Southwest's HighSpeeds come with a 2-year warranty.

Below is a comparison of Southwest's SC1024 micros to the Eppendorf 5424 models
Southwest's 1024 models clearly have comparable or better specs and performance for
a whole lot less money!!
SC1024  HighSpeed(TM)                    $1245
Micro Centrifuge with 24-place rotor
SC1024-R  HighSpeed(TM)                   $3699
Refrigerated  Micro Centrifuge with rotor
                                Compare* Southwest's SC1024 to the Eppendorf 5424

                                                      SC1024                                             5424
Speed                                           200 to 15,000 rpm                           100 to 15,000 rpm
max g-force (RCF)                              21,380 x g                                       21,130 x g
24-place aluminum rotor                          yes                                                   yes
aerosol tight rotor lid                                yes                                                   yes
Digital Controls                                        yes                                                   yes
Rotor Chamber                                  Stainless Steel                                  coated metal
Price                                                    only $1245                   
 Eppendorf list price over $1,500 more!!   
Price refrigerated model                   only $3699                   
 Eppendorf list price over $3,500 more!!  
*  Comparison based on Eppendorf 's US website specs and pricing as of Feb 2017
Tube Adapters and specialty Rotors
model SC1024-36                                   $265
36 place x 0.5ml aluminum rotor w/cover
model SC1024-PCR                                $395
4 x PCR Strips or 32 x 0.2ml tubes
aluminum rotor w/cover
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