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Southwest Science SBT4000
Digital Orbital Shaker for CO2 Chambers and C02 Incubators
SBT4000 Digital Shaker for C02 Chambers
- speed range 30 to 300 rpm    19mm (3/4 in) orbit size
- platform load up to 14 lbs or 5 one liter flasks or 14 x 250ml flasks
- separate user control box sits outside CO2 environment
- several platform options including a magnetic platform for clamps
- incubator (65C) and cold room (4C) safe
- 2-yr warranty, long life brushless and beltless motor
SBT4000    Price:    $2714
Platforms sold Separately !!
Click Here to see the wide assortment of
optional platforms, flask clamps and tube racks
for the SBT4000 digital shaker
Flask Capacities of the SBT4000
with the accessory magnetic
clamps and tube racks

Flask Size    Capacity          
50ml                    32               
125ml                  24                
250ml                  14               
500ml                    9
1 Liter                   5
2 Liter                   2
SBT4000 Digital Orbital Shaker Product Specifications

Speed:30 to 300 rpm    Orbit Dia: 19mm (3/4")
Timer: 1 min. to 48 hours or continuous     
Platform size:   13" x 12"    Platform load capacity: 14lbs
Overall Size wxdxh:  11" x 13" x 3"     Weight:  25 lbs   
Brushless Motor for long life    Warranty: 2 years
Electrical 115V, 50/60 Hz, 300 watts   
Operates in cold rooms down to 4C and in incubators up to 65C
SBT4000 orbital shaker shown with
optional Magnetic platform

The separate touch screen control box
has magnets allowing attachment to
the outside of incubators.
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