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Flat Rubber Mat Platform 8" x 9"  
for use with plates, trays and flat bottom vessels (plastic)
Universal Flask Platform 10"x 11"           
for screw mounting of flask clamps (aluminum)
Available flask clamps and pricing shown below
15ml Tube Platform - holds up to 64 x 15ml Tubes
Mixed 15ml and 50ml tube Platform                  
Holds up to 32 x 15ml tubes and 15 x 50ml tubes
      Roller Clamp Platform for odd shaped
vessels or flasks (stainless steel). Flask clamps not required.
             Roller Clamp Platform Flask capacity:
Size           Capacity                          Size           Capacity
50ml                 9-12                             500ml               4
125ml                 6                                1 Liter               1
250ml                 4                                2 Liter               1
Available Flask Clamps
50ml Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-50         $18
125ml Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-125        $19
250ml Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-250    $21
500ml Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-500     $25
1 Liter Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-1L   $29
2 Liter Flask Clamps     model F-CLAMP-2L     $31
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Available Acessory Platforms
on most items
SBT300-FLAT    Price: $47
SBT300-UNV    Price: $63
SBT300-ROLLER  Price: $197
Flask Capacities of the SBT300-COMBO Platform

Size           Capacity                          Size           Capacity
50ml                 8                                500ml                4
125ml               6                                1 Liter               2
250ml               4                                2 Liter               2
SBT300-15  Price: $206
SBT300-50  Price: $206
50ml Tube Platform - holds up to 30 x 50ml Tubes
SBT300-1550  Price: $206
Southwest's screw mount flask clamps are made from spring stainless steel and
include the bottom plate and stainless steel mounting hardware.  The 1 and 2 liter
flask clamps also include stainless steel top springs.
SBT300-COMBO Platform without mat above
          and with mat installed below
SBT300-COMBO    Price: $113
SBT300-COMBO Platform 12"x 13"     
Combines the benefits of the rubber surface of the
Flat Mat platform and the flask clamp mounting ability
of the Universal Platform.  Made of aluminum with
detachable green rubber mat.    
Available flask clamps and pricing shown below