Southwest Science SBT3000
Medium Capacity Digital Orbital Shaker
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SBT3000 Medium Capacity Digital Shaker
- speed range 30 to 300 rpm    19mm (3/4 in) orbit size
- platform load up to 14 lbs or 5 one liter flasks or 14 x 250ml flasks
- easy to use touch screen controls
- magnetic platform option for tubes, plates & flasks up to 2 liters
- incubator (65C) and cold room (4C) safe
- 2-yr warranty, long life brushless and beltless motor
SBT3000    Price:    $1298
Click Here to see the wide assortment of
optional platforms, flask clamps and tube racks
for the SBT3000 digital shaker
SBT3000 shown with optional magnetic
platform & flask clamp accessories
Flask Capacities of the SBT3000
with the accessory magnetic
clamps and tube racks

Flask Size    Capacity          
50ml                    32               
125ml                  24                
250ml                  14               
500ml                    9
1 Liter                   5
2 Liter                   2
SBT3000 Medium Capacity Digital Orbital
    Shaker Product Specifications

Speed:30 to 300 rpm
Timer: 1 min. to 48 hours or continuous     
Orbit Dia: 19mm (3/4")
Platform size:   13" x 12"  
Platform load capacity: 14 lbs      
Overall Size wxdxh:  11" x 16.8" x 3.5"
Weight:  25 lbs   
Touch Screen Control for  Temp, Speed & Time
Shaking time and speed settings can be
programmatically linked to form steps of
different speeds and times
Brushless Motor for long life    
Warranty: 2 years
Electrical 115V, 50/60 Hz, 300 watts   
Operates in cold rooms down to 4C and in
 incubators up to 60C
Platforms sold Separately !!
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