SBT1500-TH Tube Holding Plate
Allows the SBT1500 and The SBT1500-H plate shakers to shake
micro-tubes.  Plate will accept up to 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes plus
8 x 0.5ml tubes. Mounts directly into one of the plate holding slots  Up
to four per shaker can be used.
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Southwest Science SBT1500  Microplate
Shaker non-heated
(see link below for heated model)
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SBT1500 Microplate Shaker - holds up to 4 plates
- holds standard or deep well plates - easy load platform included
- non-skirted PCR plates can be shaken using a skirted plate as a holder
- mixes plates at 100 to 1500 rpm in a 3mm diameter vortex motion
- digital timer runs continuous or up to 100 hrs in 1 minute steps
- operates in cold rooms down to 4C and in incubators to 65C
- compact size: 11"w x 11"d x 5"h       weight:  12lbs    warranty: 2-years  
- long life brushless motor,   100-230V Ac 1.5A
SBT1500    Price:      $581
Unskirted PCR plates (full or half) are held by
placing them in empty skirted plates.  Tubes are
held in the SBT1500-TH tube holding accessory.  
                      (see below)
Canada Shipping $40
SBT1500-TH    Price:     $72
Click Here to see the SBT1500-H  
Heated microplate shaker vortexer
SBT1500-H Heated Plate Shaker