Product Specifications

Speed:    2 to 30 rpm
Tilt Angle: 0 to 30 deg.
Load Capacity: 4.4lb
Size (wxdxh) 12"x12"x8"
Weight:  7.5 lbs
Motor: Brushless AC
Control: Analog
Electrical 115V,  0.3A
Warranty: 2 years
Southwest's 3D Variable Speed Nutating Shaker  is a three dimensional gyratory
style rocker that produces a combination rocking and rotating  motion similar to belly
dancing rockers and nutating mixers. The Southwest 3D Nutating Shaker provides
the user with both variable speed control and variable platform tilt angle adjustment
making the 3D Nutating Shaker ideal for low speed blot and gel work and strong
enough for more vigorous tube mixing at higher speeds.  The large 12" x 12" platform
comes with both flat and dimpled mats.

The 3D Nutating Shaker has a speed range of 3 to 30  rpm and will handle loads up
to 4.4 lbs.  The tilt angle can be set from +/- 0 degrees to +/- 30 degrees and the product
is safe for cold room (4C) and incubator (65C) use.  The 3D Nutating Rocker has a
2 year warranty.
3D Nutating Shaker Rocker     model SB3D2300          $679
includes 12" x 12" platform, flat and dimpled mats
12" x 12" Stacking Platform     model SBR1000-STACK          $78
2.75 inches of clearance between platforms. Comes with flat mat
Lab-Bungee  (pkg of 4)              model SB0718                          $4
Mini-sized bungee cords for use with rockers and shakers
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Southwest Science 3D Nutating Shaker
with Variable Speed and Variable Tilt
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12" x 12" Stacking Platform     model SBR1000-STACK-D       $78
2.75 inches of clearance between platforms. Comes with dim[led mat