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Southwest Science Home of the Free Prairie Dog
    (customer photo gallery below)
Southwest Science Prairie Dog Photo Gallery
Send us your Southwest prairie dog photo for
our gallery and we will send you a free SH40-S
mini magnetic stirrer.    
(one per customer location please)  
The "Big" 10 inch Dog
Southwest Science gives
retail customers a Free prairie
dog note pad with each order
and a Free 10 inch prairie dog
with each order over $300.

Customers who send us
photos of their prairie dogs
may have them posted to our
Prairie Dog Gallery below
Grad Students in Nebraska
Shaker Dogs in Cambridge Mass.
Wizarding with Harry
Matt & Pat the Prairie Dog
Pat Prairie Dog on the road again
Celabrating the holidays
Going to the dress-up ball
Hiding in the files
Dogs Meet Knome
Douglas the Post Doc Dog at UC Berkley
Starbucks Break
Douglas at the Great Wall and Running with (from) the Bulls
Douglas at Mt. Rushmore and at the Taj Mahal  
            (this dog gets around)
Running with (from) the
Bull Elephant this time
Douglas with Big Ben and trying on the Big Hat
Douglas boating in Asia
Douglas at Rockefeller Center
(they do not look like "Big Apples"
Douglas with multi-gender
and multi-speci friends
Prairie Dog and the Elements
Francois checking out the
new Aardvark & vortexer
Big Dog riding SBT3000