SOS20 & SOS40
Overhead Stirrer
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Southwest Digital Overhead Stirrer -  SOS20 20 Liter
capacity and
SOS40 40 Liter capacity
- speed range of 50 to 2200 rpm
- high torque (SOS20-40Ncm/ 56 oz-in)   (SOS40-60Ncm/ 85 oz-in)  
- SOS20 viscosities to 10,000 Cps or mPa-s   SOS40 viscosities
to 50,000 Cps or mPa-s
- chuck shaft diameter range 0.5 to 10 mm  (.02 in. to .375 in)
- pass through chuck allows minimal shaft length (shafts up to .35in dia)
- Long Life Brushless DC motors
- 2 year warranty      electrical 115V, 60 Hz, 1.5A        weight 5.5 lbs
Stirrer Mounted on
Optional Stand with
SCROSS stirrer
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SOS20   Price:   $359
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SOS40   Price:   $559
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