OEM and Custom Manufacturing

Southwest Science's engineers have designed products for
some of the largest companies in the Lab Equipment and
Pharmaceutical industries, including:
Fisher,  VWR,  
Cole-Parmer,  Labnet,
 Novartis,  Squibb,  Parker,  Bio-Rad,
and Digene.
We specialize in small heating and/or mixing
devices for use in labs, doctors offices or pharmacies that
support pharmaceutical test kits.
Custom products can be as simple as providing custom labels and custom user manuals for our
existing products or custom shaker platforms for end users.  More complex custom products might
include specification changes or software changes on our existing products.  Southwest can often
rapidly perform simple label, user manual and minor design changes.

Large scale projects would include housing changes or total design and manufacture of a new
instrument.  Southwest is very selective in the acceptance of major design changes or new ground
up product designs and will only consider those where the guaranteed product volume warrants
the engineering and design effort needed to complete the project.  

If you are considering a custom or OEM product, please look over the questions below and then
call or Email us to discuss your product requirements with one of our senior engineers.
Southwest Science OEM and Custom Product Questionnaire

1.Please describe your application_______________________________________________

.Does an existing Southwest Science Product fit or come close to your needs?  Yes_______
No_________  model number______________  If yes, what modifications or spec changes
do you require?___________________________________________________________

3. If you require an entirely new product, please describe some specifications or your approximate
expectations of the product you seek.

Where used_______________   Input voltage(s) or countries_____________________

3a. If product heats, what temperature range is needed (C or F)_______________________
Needed size of the heating chamber or heating platform_____________________________
Expected size / weight of entire unit ____________________________________
Please describe items or vessels to be heated and any unique features you would like to see
in the product__________________________________________________________

3b. If the product mixes, please describe the mixing action needed, the speed range for
mixing and the type of vessels to be mixed.        

3c. Other / Agency approvals needed (CE, CSA, UL)__________________________________
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