The Multi-Therm shaker accommodates tubes,
plates, vials and other vessels using
a wide assortment of blocks.

Speed, time and temperature (heating and
cooling) are all easily programmable and
displayed on the back lit LCD display.  
Small foot print, only  8.25 x 11.5 x 8.25 in.

Typical Applications Include:
- Restriction Digest  typ. 37C
- Denature of DNA, RNA & Proteins   95C
- Cell Culture  37C
- DNase I treatent 37C
- Denature enzymes  65-70C
- Purification of DNA from agarose  50C
- Resuspending of DNA pellets  RT or  65C
- Reverse Transcription 70C then 37C  
    then 70C
- Random Priming 37C
- Insitu Hybridization (FISH, RISH, CISH )
- Protein Digestion (Trypsin)   37C or 48C
- Ligation blunt ends (14C) or cohesive
     ends RT
- Nick Translation 12C to 15C then 70C

Many others plus sample storage at the
Block Model          Description                         Price when
                                                             purchased with Shaker

H5000-02                     96 x 0.2ml tubes or 1 PCR plate            $175      (reg. $255)

H5000-05                     54 x 0.5ml tubes                                       $175      (reg. $215)

H5000-CMB                Combo 15 x 0.5ml & 20 x 1.5ml             $175      (reg. $215)

H5000-15                    35 x 1.5ml tubes                                       $175      (reg. $215)

H5000-20                    35 x 2.0ml tubes                                       $175      (reg. $215)

H5000-12**                 24 x 12mm tubes                                    $175      (reg. $215)
                                    (1200 rpm max speed)

H5000-150**               12 x 15ml tubes                                      $175      (reg. $315)
                                    (750 rpm max speed)
H5000-500**                6 x 50ml tubes
                                              $175      (reg. $315)
                                     (750 rpm max speed)

H5000-MP                   Holds one Micro Plate                          $175      (reg. $315)

H5000-DWMP            Holds one Deep Well Micro Plate         $175      (reg. $315)

H5000-1232                24 x 2ml HPLC / Autosampler Vials      $175      (reg. $315)

H5000-025                   48 x 250 ul vial insert  (6 x 30mm)        $175       (reg. $315)

H5000-WB                Multipurpose block for liquids / beads   $175       (reg. $ 315)
                                     chamber 4 x 2.6 x 1 inchs

H5000-CU                   Custom Block drilled for you tubes          $399
                                      or vessels

              * these larger mass blocks reach a minimum temp of only -10C
              Product Specifications

Temp. Range
heating:  ambient to 100C
                  cooling:  ambient to -20C
Speed Range  200 rpm to 1500 rpm
Motion / Orbit dia.  orbital / 2mm
Heating Ramp Rate 5C /min  
Cooling Ramp Rate 2.5C / min
Dimensions:  8.25 x 11.5 x 8.25 in
Weight:   18 lbs
Two Models:   Heat & Cool (HC)
                     and Heat Only (H)  
Call to place an order or to get a brochure
Southwest Science  presents the Multi-Therm, a heating and
cooling (or heating  only) vortexing shaker for tubes, PCR plates,
micro plates, glass vials and much more.  Uses vessel specific blocks
to heat, cool, shake and/or store your samples on the bench. Versatile,
inexpensive, and compact.  
Compare to the Eppendorff Thermo-Mixer* at over $1000 more !!
H5000-H    Shake & Heat Model   $1525

H5000-HC  Shake, Heat & Cool Model   $2035

Insert Blocks only $175 each with purchase of a Multi-Therm
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Southwest Science H5000 Multi-Therm(TM) Thermo Mixer
*  Comparison based on Eppendorf 's US website specs and pricing as of March 2017.
The H5000-H is compared with a $175 block added and the H5000-HC without a block
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