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SH100-HL Mini Dry Bath Hot Block with Heated Lid
protects samples from condensation and evaporation
- accurate digital temperature control  temperature range ambient+5C to 100C
- heated lid with separate temperature control
- temperature set in 0.1C increments;   uniformity +/-0.2C    accuracy +/-0.5C
- small size, only 4.3" wide x 5.5" deep x 4.0" high    weight 1.1 bs     100-240VAC, 1.1A
- comes with block lifter and 2-year warranty    
Accessory Blocks sold separately below
SH100-HL    Price:   $347
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SWMINI-02 block insert
Holds up to four 8-tube PCR strips  or 32 x 0.2ml tubes.
SWMINI-05 block insert
Holds up to 24 x 0.5ml tubes
SWMINI- HL1500 block insert
Holds up to 15 x 1.5ml tubes. Shorter in height than standard
block to allow lid to mostly close.  Tall tubes placed in the back
row may prevent heated lid from fully closing.
Note: All the accessory insert blocks shown with the non-heated-lid mini dry
bath (model SH100) will fit this heated lid model SH100-HL!  However the heated lid
may not close on these additional block insert sizes.
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Accessory Block Inserts sold separately for the Heated Lid Mini Dry Bath
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Price:   $71
Price:   $71
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