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SH400-HS Digital Hotplate-Stirrer Complete Package
includes rod stand, external temp pobe and Spin Bar
- 6 in. x 6 in. ceramic coated aluminum top plate
- stirring and heating of vessels up to 5 liters in size
- temp. range: ambient +5C to 380C in 1C steps
- speed range: 200 to 1500 rpm in 1 rpm steps
- display of both set value and actual value
- long life brushless DC motor
- 500 watts of heating power
- 7.3 in (w) x 12 in (d) x 4.3 in(h); 5 lbs; 115V / 60Hz / 5A
- 2-year warranty
- includes external temperature probe, rod clamp stand and
  magnetic spin bar.  Rod clamp stand can also hold a standard
        Southwest Science Digital Hotplate-Stirrers  
Price:      $279
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Price:      $329
SH400-HS Digital Hotplate-Stirrer  unit only

Same specifications as above but without the extras.
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See individual SH400 priced at $279 below