Mini BlotBoy         model SB3D1008               $299
 with 10.5" x 7.5" platform and flat mat
Southwest's BlotBoy and Mini BlotBoy are unique gyratory 3D shakers who's
12 rpm speed and +/-8 degree tilt angle are
optimized for gel staining and blot
wash applications.
The BlotBoy and Mini BlotBoy  provide a more gentle 3D motion
than typical nutating mixers resulting in
a more thorough blot washing and gel
staining / de-staining action
. The Mini BlotBoy takes less bench space and is ideal
for small gel work
. Both models come with a platform, a flat mat and a 2-year
warranty.  Accessory stacking platforms and dimpled mats are also available.  Both
models are incubator (65C) and cold room (4C) safe.
BlotBoy                model SB3D1308               $329
with 12" x 12" platform and flat mat
Mini BlotBoy Stacking Platform & Flat Mat     SB3D-STACK    $60

Mini BlotBoy extra Flat Mat                                    SB3D-FLAT    $20

Mini BlotBoy Dimpled Mat                               SB3D-DIMPLED   $21

BlotBoy Stacking Platform & Flat Mat        SBR1000-STACK  $65

BlotBoy extra Flat Mat                                      SBR1000-FLAT    $25

BlotBoy Dimpled Mat                                   SBR1000-DIMPLED   $28
                                     Product Specifications

Each BlotBoy and Mini BlotBoy comes with a flat mat, runs at 12rpm and
has a
fixed tilt angle of +/-8 degrees. Both mixers have a load capacity of 2.2lbs and can
be used in
cold rooms (4C) and incubators (to 65C).
Dimensions Mini BlotBoy
:  (wxdxh)  10.5"x7.5"x8"              weight: 4.4 lbs.
Dimensions BlotBoy:  (wxdxh)   12"x12"x8.3"                       weight: 4.6 lbs
Electrical: 115 VAC / 60Hz,  0.4A
Stacking platform separation is 2.75 inches.
Warranty: 2 years
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BlotBoy  with 12" x 12" platform
Southwest Science BlotBoy(TM) and Mini BlotBoy(TM)
3D Nutating Gyratory Mixers
Mini BlotBoy  with 10.5" x 7.5" platform
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