Southwest's Low Profile Lab Rocker is a compact platform rocker used for
general purpose lab mixing of plastic or glass containers, flasks, bags or tubes.
The  Southwest
Low Profile Lab Rocker is absolutely ideal for blot washing
and gel staining / de-staining applications and for blood tube or bag suspension
At under 5 inches tall, it is one of the lowest profile rocking
platforms available
; and it will work in many incubators with the upper shelves
still in place.  The rocker has a
large 12" x 12" platform and runs at an ideal
rocking speed of 12 rpm (24 tilts per minute). The tilt angle is optimized at +/- 8
degrees from the horizontal.
Large load capacity of  7.0 lbs. Accessories
include stacking platforms, dimpled and flat mats. Southwest’s
Low Profile
incorporates a quiet, long life, AC gear motor and operates in cold
rooms down to 4C and incubators up to 65C.
                            Product Specifications

Motion:  Horizontal rocking                
Speed:   fixed at 12 rpm (24 tilts per minute)  
Motor:  quiet, long life, AC gear motor (no brushes to wear out)
Tilt angle:  fixed at +/- 8 degrees from horizontal
Platform:  steel 12 inch x 12 inch  (33 x 300mm), 3 bungee tie-down holes on each side
Load Capacity: 3.2 kg  (7.0lbs) (balanced on platform)
Mat: flat, non-skid, black standard, all mats are autoclavable
Dimensions w x d x h:  343 x 300 x 120 mm  (13.5"x11.8"x4.7")       Weight: 3 kg (6.6lbs)
Operating Environment:  cold rooms down to 4c and incubators up to 65C                  
Warranty:  2-year warranty
Low Profile Rocker with flat mat    model SBR1000       $395
Flat Mat, 12" x 12" (300 x 300mm)     model SBR1000- FLAT                         $29
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Southwest Science SBR1000 Low Profile Rocker
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Dimpled Mat, black, 12" x 12"        model SBR1000- DIMPLED                 $31
Stacking Platform,      model SBR1000- STACK           $81
Second 12" x 12" platform with flat mat and standoffs.
Doubles platform capacity (use with light loads only)
2.75 inches (70mm)  separation between platforms
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