Southwest Science was founded more than 14 years ago by people who have over 35 years
experience in the design, manufacture and sale of technical products and laboratory equipment
Our past product designs are currently sold under some of the most recognized names in the
industry, including  
Fisher,  VWR,  Cole-Parmer, Benchmark,  Labnet,   Boekel and many
others.  Our engineers have also designed custom and OEM products for some of the largest
medical and pharmaceutical companies in the world, including  
Novartis,  Squibb,  Parker, and

Southwest Science has taken it's extensive product design and manufacturing knowledge, and  
used it to create a set of laboratory products that we believe are among the
best in price,  
performance, and reliability in the world!  

The result is substantial savings for the scientist and researcher without sacrificing quality or
reliability.  We will continue to expand our business by adding new products in accordance with
this formula.
Southwest Science’s mission is to bring to the research and laboratory communities the best lab
products available at prices below classic dealer levels.   We will achieve this through control of
the product design and through product manufacture under tight quality control in ISO and GMP

Our belief is  better products through better design, combined with superior manufacturing
and the use of
advanced quality control techniques.   
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