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Analog and Digital Magnetic Stirrers and
Hotplate-Stirrers starting at $75
A genie class
vortexer  $169
Holds 2 plates
only $559
Mini-Centrifuges starting from  $169.
Southwest Science manufacturers and sells top quality laboratory equipment at deep discount prices.   We are
able to offer lower prices because most of the items we sell are manufactured in high volume, to our own designs, in GMP
and ISO facilities. Most items come with a
2-year warranty.

Our engineers have over 30 years experience designing products for some of the largest companies in the lab equipment
field, including:
Fisher, VWR, Labnet, Cole-Parmer, Boekel, Novartis, Squibb, Digene, BioRad, Parker and many
others.  Let us show you how reliability, great features and a great price can be combined to produce some of the best lab
products available in the market.  ....
You will not be disappointed!!!
CoolCube bench top
cooler for tubes &
Holds 0C for
4 hours  
only $95
Mini bungee for
rockers and
4 pk only $9
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prairie dog
plushie with
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Multi-Therm tube and plate shaker
starting at  only - $1525
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Mini                 1,2&4 Block
Digital Dry Baths and Hot
Blocks starting at $179
Wide selection of  Rockers, Orbital Shakers,  3-D Nutating Mixers,
, Tube Rockers and Microplate Shakers at Low Prices
Great Prices on High Speed
Microcentrifuges and Clinicals
Digital Water
Baths  from
Stirrer only $339
Rotators  $195
Shaking Water
Bath only $1970